The Indian Immunology Society was established in 1972-73 with the aim of developing and expanding the subject of immunology through training and research. The purpose is to use immunology to fight the major health challenges in India

The IIS Membership has been growing steadily with about 1700+ members. IIS elections are held every 3rd year. The board of executives are from different states of India

OUR Constitution

Purpose of the society shall be to
(a) advance the knowledge of Immunology and related disciplines with special emphasis on human health problems of India, and
(b) to facilitate exchange of ideas & information amongst scientist working in different research areas of Immunology.
These objectives will be achieved through scientific meeting and publication of the society
Name of the Society :

Headquaters : Dept. of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


Persons actively associated with the application of immunology and/or research and development in this or related fields are eligible for membership.Full membership is open to both medical and non - medical science graduates.
Life members : A member paying Rs. 4000/ - (Rupees four Thousand only )in lump sum in cash or demand draft in favour of Indian Immunology Society, shall be a life member of the Society.
Those desirous of becoming members of the Society shall apply in prescribed application form.
The Executive Committee of the Society shall have the right to decide the eligiblity of any applicant for membership and its decision shall be final in this matter. If the decision is not unanimous,it will be decided by votes.
Eminent Scientist and other very eminent people of India associated with the development of 'Immunology'and its application shall be invited to be the patrons of the Society Read More


National    International

Executive committee

  • Dr. Sunil K. Arora President
  • Dr. Amit Awasthi Secretary
  • Dr. Uma Kanga Treasurer
  • Dr. Dil Afroze Vice President (North)
  • Dr. K. Balakrishnan Vice President(South)
  • Dr. Shashi Baruah Vice President(East)
  • Dr. Girdhari Lal Vice President(West)
  • Dr. Kaustuv nayak Joint Secretary
  • Dr. Kalpana Luthra Executive Member
  • Dr. Geeta Rai Executive Member
  • Dr. Gaurav Sharma Executive Member
  • Dr. Deepak Rathore Executive Member
  • Dr. Arindam Bhattacharyya Executive Member
  • Dr. Archana Singh Executive Member
  • Dr. S.B. Anand Executive Member
  • Dr. Dipyaman Ganguly Executive Member

Distinguished Members

IIS activities

IIS has a special interest in conducting various activities round the year

  • News
    Happenings of IIS
  • Annual Reports
    44 Annual Meetings till date

Educational activities

  • CME Series
    CME in Immunology under the aegis of Indian Immunology Society
  • International day of Immunology
    29th April, Every year
  • Immunocons
    General Body meetings of the Indian Immunology Society
  • Oration Awards
    Awards for the best